About The Photographers


About Us

Hello, we are so glad you are here! We are Reuben and Kelly a husband and wife duo from Melbourne, Australia. We have been in love for 20 years, we met when we are only 18 years old. We have three beautiful children Alex, Phoenix & Skye, and two dogs name Buffy + Kendra. We love, love and telling stories through photographs! No matter who you love we want to tell your unquie story!

Our Approach

We like to let you be yourselves and take a photojournalist approach to photographing your day or session. With the portrait part we pop you in great light and give you relaxed directions that feels natural, true to who you are and capture your personality. So when you look upon these images in years to come you will remember what that moment felt like.

Reuben loves,

watching Game of Thrones

listening to MUSE

drinking beer

reading motor sport blogs

and eating his steak rare

Kelly loves,

watching The Walking Dead

seeing bands play live

drinking Champagne

reading books

and is currently obsessed with true crime podcasts


We are passionate about learning and always improving ourselves and our mad photo skills. Cameras and gear will only get you so far, knowing how to use them to create art is what makes the different. We are big believers that you never stop learning, and if you do you will never grow to reach your full potential.

Collectively we have attending the following workshops in person & online:

Ray Roman, Two Mann's Balls Out, Beth Fernely Beloved, Sue Bryce, Jo Buissink, Kirsten Lewis.